The Bounty Killart

June 22nd, from 5.00 to 9.00 pm
Villa Ca’ Amata | Via Ca’ Amata 11, Riese Pio X – Italy

Galleria Allegra Ravizza is pleased to present an exhibition project by the Turin collective The Bounty Killart with which it has been having the pleasure of collaborating for over a decade.

The exhibition, entitled HARMONICA DISSONANTIA, will exhibit more than 30 works by the artists in the halls of Ca’ Amata, a splendid eighteenth-century Venetian residence which will be open to the public on Thursday 22 Junefor the occasion.

The Bounty Killart’s research is based on irony and reworks classic and Renaissance iconography in a contemporary key: the goddesses, saints, heroes and men of letters whose features are engraved in the memory of humanity are brought back to life by the artists and find themselves interfacing with the joys and condemnations of the 21st century. Each sculpture interweaves ancient aesthetics and play thus becoming a subtle parody of our age.

Set in the centenary spaces of Ca’ Amata, studied for perfect acoustics by Giovanni Rizzetti (1675-1751) with the use of the mathematical rule of the proportional harmonic mean, the discordant works of The Bounty Killart want to generate a harmonic dissonance.

La mostra sarà in seguito aperta solo su appuntamento.  

Villa Ca’Amata 
Via Ca’ Amata 11, Riese Pio X (TV)

art@allegraravizza.com | +39 393 3356237