Works from 1959 to 2013

Works from 1959 to 2013

Alberto Biasi

Alberto Biasi OPERE DAL 1959 AL 2013

27th September – 26th November 2013
Opening: 26th September 2013, 5 pm

The famous works entitled Torsioni e Dinamiche, in which a refined twine of pvc lamellae determines a virtual and almost hypnotic perception of movement thanks to slight shifts of the onlooker’s viewpoint, date back to this period.Space, in these artworks, as in the earlier Trame, already appeared to be fleeting; and will become kaleidoscopic in the famous Light prisms (executed from 1962). Here a white lightbeam, passing through rotating crystal prisms, breaks up in the ever shimmering rainbow tonalities, drawing on the environment in which the spectator is immersed. Since then Biasi’s research has been developing within the realm of perceptual variations with the execution of the Politipi, syntheses of geometry and movement, until the more recent productions where the spatial collocation of the artwork becomes dynamic, shattering the surrounding space.Witnesses of all these events will be the works displayed, chosen amongst those most representative of his articulated research, from the historic (many are works from the Sixties), formal and conceptual points of view. Adding to those is an important body of unobtainable historic documents – posters, invitations, fliers, texts, collected in cooperation with the Alberto Biasi Archive – to underline the intention of the gallery to act as a scientific and art historical populariser. Finally, Alberto Biasi has conceived for the occasion the private view invite – in numbered edition – which will be a true Kinetic Art multiple.

Both catalogue and exhibition, realised in partnership with the Alberto Biasi Archive, are by Marco Meneguzzo.